Sunday, February 2, 2014

70's high fashion X rockabilly/punk

This is inspired by 70's classic fashion heavily crossed with KESH and modern punk type looks. Makeup and hair are inspired by American Hustle, but the overall look is definitely more current.

Side note, I'm also super into the foehawk-but-not-trying hairstyle right now. It ended up being easy peasy, so you can do it at home too! First, you tease the crown of your hair and pin it down with a bobby pin. If your hair isn't thick or curly, I recommend curling and teasing it before you pin it up. Just pull back the sides of your hair and pin them high up against your head. Do that until you reach the end of your hairline. Hairspray helps to hold it; however, remember that the look doesn't require perfect placing or anything. Second side note, the longer the coat, the better. You really want to get that 70's coat length. If you're on the smaller side and feel like it might overwhelm you, heels always help. It's the ultimate key to looking like a struttin' New York high fashion model, except for the fact that you might be freezing your butt off at this time of year.

I will definitely be posting again soon so stay tuned!

(P.S. Am I Teen Vogue editorial yet? I tried.)

ASOS coat, vintage coat pins, KESH for American Apparel dress, Zara shoes, H&M rings, Conroy & Wilcox safety pin earring from Metier.

Makeup: NARS Orgasm blush (which I find highly ironic, based on the movie), Buxom pinkish-nude tinted lip gloss, Tarte eyeshadow stick in Fig and amazon clay eyebrow pot, Givenchy pencil eyeliner, L'Oreal Telescopic liquid eyeliner.

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