Sunday, November 17, 2013

Throw Back Saturdays/Archives

I made a compilation of my many fashion adventures, from ever since I started my blog until now. Some are extras from certain shoots, but some were just taken as small sections out of my life. These ones are my personal favorites.
Three different hair colors, two schools, two magazines, four websites, many friends and music shows, and one girl later - here I am. Sasha Berliner of Smile or Die.
The adventures shall continue.

(pictures in chronological order)

For those of you who have stuck around this long, you are the best. No lie. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your appreciation for tuning in on my blog whenever I posted something. There are more big things to come.
For those of you who have only recently discovered me, you're rad too. I hope you'll stick around to see more of what I have to do.

 P.S. follow me on my Soundcloud! Link is in the description. It's relatively new, and I would love for you all to see it and listen to some of the music I do.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Saucy September.

Here we go. A new year. A year of new friends and connections, new music to be played and produced, new homework assignments that make teenagers like myself want to spend the rest of their lives laying down in bed, eating all of the food in the house...
It's also a new year of fashion, where all of our trends we know get renewed. 
And if I finally decide to get off my butt and do something productive, like find a cool cafe to do my work at, I would like to look fairly stylish.
I wore those to one of my music shows recently, channeling that whole vintage-pant-suit-and-cat-eye-glasses dealio. Instead of the blazer, I wore a cropped leather jacket and a red shirt for some color.

American Apparel shirt, H&M jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Rag and Bone belt, Martine Sitbon pants via la madre, Aldo shoes.

If you're feeling this revamped vintage fall look, feel free to steal from me (but only figuratively) (:

New posts coming soon, including a possible Girls Life magazine feature...
Until next time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Teens With Style: Cerica Liam From El Cerrito

This is the first guest appearance on the blog! She's a vocalist, journalist-to-be, and an all around amazing friend to kick it with. Especially when you don't want to be the only one wearing your Jeffrey Campbells at a party (as an attempt to be AT LEAST at normal height).

Cerica Liam! 

This look was completely styled by Cerica herself. What can I say? I'm digging the grunge-y vibe.

Urban Outfitters shirt, vintage tank worn under, H&M skirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, bracelets and rings from various stores on Telegraph (Berkeley). 

Do you live in the Bay Area, have great style, and want to be put on my blog? Email me at or tweet to me @sashaberliner if you're interested. Preferred age 12-18. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Top Knot Is Back (But For Summer)!

In my earlier blogger days, it was one of the little ways I represented the development of my personally unique sense of style. Now, I'm bringing it back.
I think you know what I'm talking about. My signature topknot!

Now that the look has been passed around a bit, it's lost its charm as a fashion statement. For example, angsty teenage girls in their sweatpants and Abercrombie & Fitch hoodies who use it simply as a way to get their hair out of their face. We have to remind them that it's much cuter with something like a collared shirt and some colored lipstick; a fashion statement to be taken seriously.
It's renewed, revamped-the fun of a topknot and bright lipstick paired with the earthiness of a military-type shirt and dark bottoms makes a nice balance. 

In conclusion, we have to keep the topknot alive in fashion. I'm not saying to start a whole campaign (unless you REALLY wanted to make some form of propaganda and go all-out...), but to keep it from slipping into the hands of people who misuse it. Bring it back!

If you're going to be one of those angsty teens, at least look cute with your topknot. 

Forgot to add that these bracelets are seriously on point. I mean, the second bracelet was made with real scarabs. It doesn't get more trill than that. 

H&M button up shirt, skirt, and sunglasses, random socks, Aldo shoes, vintage bag (used as clutch) and bracelets. 
Interested in more vintage jewelry, like these bracelets? Just check out Metier's website. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Forever 21 shirt, American Apparel skirt, vintage snake necklace, H&M jacket, random socks, Aldo shoes.

I can't help but imagine myself strolling through Spain or France in warm summer weather with these shoes. They make you super tall and aren't total hooker shoes. They were also less than $100 dollars. Major score. Go Aldo.

If you want cool accessories (like my necklace), go to flea markets. You never know what you'll find, and coming from the girl who loves sleep to death, it's worth waking up fairly early for.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Potrero Hill Shenanigans

Taken in front of the little hipster coffee shop on Mississippi St. in Potrero Hill.

Steven Alan collared shirt, thrifty nifty blazer, skirt from Buffalo Exchange, socks unknown, Urban Outfitters BDG flatforms, mom's cuff (vintage I think), Diesel studded bracelet.